Who we are

HDV Technical Solutions provides services that enhance the reliability of backup power as well as other data centre services of organizations.

HDV has been serving organizations, companies and government agencies in Nigeria.
Working in partnership with key industry leaders, HDV has strategic allienances with cutting edge equipment vendors to ensure that the latest and best technologies are deployed to fulfil the pursuit of or goal of excellence.

What we do

  • Back Up Power Studies
  • Data Centre Design
  • Greenfield Data centre Implementation
  • Legacy Data Centre retrofit/ Upgrade
  • Renewable Energy installation

Why choose us

We have vast experience spanning several business sectors

Our Data Cenre designs are done according to the TIA 942 Standards

Our standards

All our designs and implementations, are done according to Data centre design Standard, TIA 942 and the British Standar for Electrical Installations

Corporate Responsibility

HDV is eager to give back to the community. We are currently working on an initiative to aid technical development in our Universities.
The Universities Challenge . Coming Soon !
Updated: 18.06.2011